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In flagrante delicto

April 30, 2006

My vocabulary is enriched daily. Thank you.



April 29, 2006

I get 3-4 days off a week *pause* -_^

Yep. I get Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays and alternate Wednesdays off. *pause again*
The trade-in is that I work 12-hr shifts and alternate between night and day every 2 weeks.

Apart from the occasional work-related training on my off-days, I waste away my precious time playing online MMORPGs because the answer to life, the universe and everything is 42.

Some of you might say Wah Shiok, can lepak so long, but if you notice, I work Fridays and Saturdays, sometimes days, sometimes nights. So I get the days off where everyone else is occupied at work. I'm one of those you bump into at the shopping mall on a weekday and go These people no need to work one ah? Which brings me to the question, what are YOU doing in a shopping mall during a working day?

Anyways, I don't know what the other people who work shift like me do on weekdays (maybe they are at the gym getting into shape), but I play MMORPGs during my spare time.

No, I don't play those fancy 3D wow-inducing games like… WoW, instead I stay true to my geek roots and play 'em text games. Yeah, old school *geek rocker handsign*. Static nonmoving pages, where the closest thing to an adrenaline-rush is mis-clicking a link. Holding your breath in anticipation, aren't you?

These are slow slowwww games where you sloowwwly nurture and shape your character from scratch in powerful alter egos. My alter egos consists of warfaring fighters, a criminal, a hobo, and a disco bandit.

Yes, I play multiple games, and yes, a hobo and a disco bandit. The hobo is from Hobowars where your characters are hobos who engage in rat fights and shopping cart races. Kingdom of Loathing is a parody of all fantasy RPGs ever made, featuring wacky character classes such as Seal Clubbers, Pastamancers, and Disco Bandits. However, it's a surprisingly deep game that's pretty well implemented, and with tons of pop references scattered throughout the game.

Those of you who are severely allergic to reading, have taken an oath only to play games on supercomputers, or don't know what pop references are will never think of those games as… well, games.

But if you do try and get the hang of it, you'll realise the lure of the game is not the actual games themselves, but the people instead. The game is just the silly putty that holds these geeks, I mean, people together. A thriving community sits behind every login screen, like a ant nest behind it's entrance. Until an anteater comes along. And no, I don't know what the metaphorical anteater is supposed to represent.

So since my social life is as lively as the Malaysian Astronaut when he's out in space, Massively Multiplayer anything (hmmm…) will do to keep me sane. <– This is just an excuse, I'd still play MMORPGs cause it so much fun.

Ok, time to go train my hobo for the war chamber.


Bigger Fishes

April 29, 2006

If you're a small timer, Uncle Ho's the person you should see. But if you're into big time business, this is what you should do.


My Ambition

April 27, 2006

Son, what do you want to be when you grow up?

I wanna be in the Tactical Ice Cream Unit!



*aheM*TV Cribs

April 25, 2006

There will never be a reason for MTV to do my crib. So I'll do my version of Cribs here, just because I can. Without resorting to paying someone off.


Welcome to *aheM*TV Cribs, or rather Around My Crib.

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April 25, 2006


Now this is nice. A few days before I try out WordPress they decide to throw away the Links widget and leave us poor noobs to figure out blogrolls.

Noobs = monkeys. Blogroll = computers.

Get lucky and spit out Shakespeare, or more likely produce shite to throw at my monitor.

Someone with WordPress tell me how to work this 😦

Especially you, Posterboy.

[Update: WordPress forums says it's a bug. You'd think with all the bugs flying around they'd put mosquitoe nets around servers by now. Amateurs.]


Hello world!

April 24, 2006



Alright. So I took the plunge. And right at the bottom, broken and hemorrhaging, the WordPress Posterboy walks right up to me and says in his squeeky pubescent voice of his, "You should use WP, it's sooo much better."


So what do I do? Climb up 8 bloody floors and hurl this sackobones off the balcony again. It's been years since I've blogged, so when someone gives you a tip, you take it.

Now I'm tenderized and ready for the barbie grill.

If you didn't understand a word you just read, that's fine. I don't make sense most of the time anyway.