Hello world!

April 24, 2006



Alright. So I took the plunge. And right at the bottom, broken and hemorrhaging, the WordPress Posterboy walks right up to me and says in his squeeky pubescent voice of his, "You should use WP, it's sooo much better."


So what do I do? Climb up 8 bloody floors and hurl this sackobones off the balcony again. It's been years since I've blogged, so when someone gives you a tip, you take it.

Now I'm tenderized and ready for the barbie grill.

If you didn't understand a word you just read, that's fine. I don't make sense most of the time anyway.



  1. Welcome to the real world.

  2. Pirate!
    Morpheus would be furious if he saw that.

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