*aheM*TV Cribs

April 25, 2006

There will never be a reason for MTV to do my crib. So I'll do my version of Cribs here, just because I can. Without resorting to paying someone off.


Welcome to *aheM*TV Cribs, or rather Around My Crib.

This is my crib. Well one of the units, not the block.

It's got some decent landscaping…

Like this tree I dance around every afternoon.

It's even got a totem pole of virility to worship.

There's shade for those scorching days…

Even meal delivery when you can't get out.

I've got a nice view from my cell… er, room.

Although I've dreamed of more fanciful accomodation, this is still home sweet home…

So that's it. Now get scoot before I let the dobermans out.



  1. Your living conditions look…just like hannibal lecters would. If he could stand the traffic and lived in Malaysia.

  2. wanna see my face mask?

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