Making your hair stand

May 4, 2006

So I went to my usual salon for a haircut today. My usual stylist is not around again. Apparently she's in HK till June for her marriage. Congrats Amanda.

Anyways, last month, one of her stand-ins disappointed me. It felt like she didn't know what to do with hair. My hair that is. The hair on my head. The top head.

This time around I got the other girl, and she was much better. I liked the end result. Couldn't say the same about her english though.

Eee, so soft, cannot stand one.

WTF? Oooh she was talking about my limp hair. Yes and only that – it's not that kind of salon.

Your one medium kind, very soft, cannot stand. I cut here short short so it can stand.

Whoa, watch the scissors, sister.


So here I am, pretty satisfied with my hair, waiting for it to dry from my midnight shower (which should be soon since my hair's short now, sipping my nightcap.
No better nightcap than a glass of whiskey… mmmmm

After a moment of reflection, this is my observation for the night.

Macallan Sherry Single Malt > Johnnie Walker Black Label

Good night.


One comment

  1. So, you have hair on both heads. I see.

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