Hold your breath…

May 6, 2006

Here I sit and I stare,
The words are just not there,
The cursor impatiently blinking,
I type then I backspace,
Trying to fill up white space,
But no phrases, no letters, nothing,

At the time the idea was fine,
And fueled by this ego of mine,
It didn't occur to me to think it over,
So I quickly got started,
Streamyx up, laptop booted,
And began this foolish endeavour,

But lo and behold,
I just scrolled and scrolled,
My mind went completely empty,
The more and more I attempted,
The more I felt constipated,
In fact I felt downright shitty,

Cause I was sitting on the throne,
Carrying out business of my own,
Yes, I was blogging from the potty,
So I abandoned the notion,
Blogged after I passed motion,
Apologies, if this post smells wonky.


One comment

  1. What, you thought blogging was easy?

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