Net Neutering

May 17, 2006

When I first saw this episode of Askaninja (see my blogroll, it's one of the funniest series of videos I've seen in a long while, those crazy SOBs really do a good job, and the main character is absolutely hilarious with his voice and style of delivery, and ok now back to the main topic), I knew as much about Net Neutrality as the mating habits of pygmy jellyfish of Bora Bora Island.

A coupla days later, I stumbled across Net Neutrality again over at Shawn's, and this time there are links for me to click (on a blog? how convenient). I needed a bedtime story, so I decided why not, let's see what the fuss is all about.

Well apparently some major American Companies are trying make money off the internet. They brainstormed with Doctor Evil and came up with a scheme to make Meellions of dollars of the internet on top of what they're making now. They want to charge content providers to deliver their content faster and more reliably. So only companies with Meellions of dollars can afford to have their content delivered faster and more reliably, while smaller companies and independent content owners like blog owners (oh which is like every other person) will update yearly, cause that's how long their site will take to load.

Now they are trying to get a bill passed in the US for this to happen. Just our luck that big US corporations are on the verge of controlling the internet. On top of that, these corporations have set up groups to confuse the general public on the main issue. And by general public I mean the folks in the US. We're not the general public, cause we ain't in the US. Cause World Series Baseball is about as global as country music.

Makes me wonder how much attention Net Neutrality has gotten outside of the US. I also wonder how much people outside of the US can do about it. It'll be interesting to see how much more influence the US can exert on the rest of the world, on top of Oprah and MTV.




  2. I get it. Dual-headed comment. Like a Hydra. Only with two heads.

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