Special Order

May 26, 2006

Ali Maju PBD. 3:00 AM “Lunch”

The usual Maggi Goreng, mata kerbau, ayam tandoori. “Boss, paha ada?”

*indian nod* (or rather, *indian wiggle*)

‘Boss’ returns in 2 minutes

“Paha habis lah.”
*Places his right palm on his right manboob*
“Dada ada.”
*Begins circular motion of plam over manboob*

ERROR 41 – Invalid image found.

Flushing image. Rebooting brain…

*blinks hard for a second while brain reboots*


*indian wiggle*



  1. Ew. EWW.

    Maybe he was hitting on you.

  2. you don’t have to spell out your ultimate fantasy here

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