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Going bald..

July 25, 2006

… like Zidane (Remixed)

For the uber-headbutt, a bald head is needed. To achieve that:

MSG Madness. Die hair roots die!



My Hands Itch

July 22, 2006

Itchy itchy itchy.

For some reason I wanna pick up a pen and draw. Sketch. Stab my neighbour. Something creative instead of this daily routine of turning up to work and working. Rinse and repeat. The rinse part is where I shower.

To minimise casualties, I think I’ll just start drawing again. I haven’t done that in ages. I actually miss it. I wonder if I can even produce anything worth looking at. Maybe something for me to laugh at.

Check this guy out. He rawks my pens. 😛

… Urgh it’s getting warm here. Not because someone is rawking my pens, but because of this energy-saving exercise going on here. The aircon’s off. Gah. My laptop’s warm. I don’t want to type anymore.


War Vet

July 16, 2006



July 14, 2006

*ponders* *clears throat*

Well, work was so….

*ahem* *frowns in thought*

You see, my family had…

*puckers* *scratches behind ear*

It started with a bright light in the night sky, then this huge mothership…


OK. I’ve not been updating. My bad.*slaps wrist*

*changes subject* I had the worst dinner. The menu needs amending. Thai Fried Rice should be replaced with Dry Tasteless Carbo.

Some Shi(t)Zen Jasmine Tea from Coca Cola that tastes like pet shampoo = RM1.90
Dry Tasteless Carbo, Deep Fried Abused Chicken Drumstick + Ice Barley = RM8.50

The feeling of total dissatisfaction which manifests itself in the anal look that I’m wearing on my face now = Priceless

I must find something worth eating for my midnight lunch later. And also vow never to make a priceless list like that again.