August 9, 2006

Buying cheap merchandise, like a red Mao Zedong t-shirt from China costing RM8, makes you feel like you’ve struck a fantastic deal. Thinking about it more might even make you scoff at those poor suckers who pay RM 50 for a lousy t-shirt (that’s 625% compared to your price).

But all that good cheapskate feeling dissolves like the cheap red dye on the RM8 shirt, when you find out your entire load of clothes have been stained red.

Red-tinged beige-green is a sick, sick colour.



  1. Dat’s y u shud always wash colored clothes separately…

  2. Dat’s y u shud always get colored clothes from Thailand.


  3. reaps: it WAS. The whole load is fuckin pinkish

    foogles: i never knew u were a thai woman. but then again i never bothered to find out.

  4. fucmsjkvuzk

    dikocus lbmpgcm enswkoxbxe

  5. my first taste of spam lol

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