OH Damn the Colours!

August 18, 2006

Should I worry about myself, or should I worry about the bigger picture? It’s not like I can repaint the bigger picture anyway, cause I don’t have that much paint.

So I guess I’ll worry about myself, and paint the little area within the reach of my little paint brush. Also I hope I don’t get painted over by the dark colours being splashed around me. Perhaps if there are enough little painters like me painting bright colours on the same canvas, the dark colours might be drowned out and I can once again frolick among the yellows and greens and reds.

I thought the new picture was just as bright, but it seems darker now. Damn you Neb for fixing my myopia. But I’ve made up my mind. If I get the right paint brush, I’ll paint in the new picture.


One comment

  1. Wow. Now I can’t just start to paint on a new canvas, I have to tear off what I did in this picture. Shite.

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