I love those moments. I love to wave at them as they pass by…

August 29, 2006

It’s been announced. I am leading the team. Time to wreck some havoc in our schedule to accomodate all the changes, and slowly take me out of the pattern. No more odd hours by mid-October.

I’m gonna have to use the transition period to streamline our task and process, in addition get the team focused on their key areas. Otherwise the additional work soon is going to sink us like an anchor. Time to transform the independent into the interdependent. We’ll need each other to survive.

If there’s a time for me to make a difference, now is the time. I’d be a moron to watch this chance pass by. Things are being done right this time, none of that shady stuff in the past. So I have no excuses.

I wonder how the rest feel about the changes.


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