A Pendulum

September 20, 2006

… is what Malaysia is. Contrary to what most people think, the Malaysian peninsular is shaped more like a pendulum than it is shaped like the end of the large intestine. Why? I’ll tell you why. But first, some science behind it.

Science is about observation and measurement. Don’t go to sleep on me now.

Observe how Malaysians tend to be exactly 1 hour late for appointments. Weddings, dinner appointments, and childbirths. That’s because the Malaysian peninsular has swung West all the way to the Thai timezone.

Then observe how Malaysians tend to be exactly 1 hour early for politician kenduri’s, open houses, and free gift counters. That’s cause the pendulum has swung East all the way to the Japan timezone.

Occassionally, you might catch some Malaysians right on time, like where there is an accident on the highway, or the deadline for income tax submission. That’s cause you’ve caught us in midswing between our kenduri’s and weddings.

So all that talk about intestine endings is crap. It’s the pendulum theory that’s oscillating the ears and mouths at the mamak stalls. Now that’s science.

Oh, and for you people asking about East Malaysia, explaning the banging balls theory is a going to be a hairy problem. But that’s in another edition of my public service announcement. Rempit!


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  1. Astute observation!

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