Stuck indoors

September 30, 2006

You know that it’s not worth staying when you feel appreciated only when you have one foot out of the door.

If you delude yourself into thinking that material rewards are the only measurement of appreciation, then that feeling of incompleteness and dissatisfaction will not go away. You can suppress it, but it resides in that little corner of your subconsciousness, like a moldy pillow in somewhere in the room; once in a while you catch a whiff of it, and wonder what that smell is.

But if you build up enough courage to walk out of that room, to breathe the air and see the views on the other side, you’ll wonder why you even sat in that room for such a long time.

Yes, there’s no guarantee that the air will be fresher, or the views will be better, but you would have seen more than those four walls and the inside of that door. That itself, is already worth the effort.


One comment

  1. Handsome boss, apa stuck indoors? Call me mah … hehehehe

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