Too late

January 16, 2007

It’s too late to wish you all Merry Christmas.

It’s too late to wish you all Happy New Year.

At least I can still wish you all a Selamat Hari Thaipusam.

So how are ya? Did you have fun watching me not updating my blog? Oh wait, I remembered, no one reads this anymore. But that’s fine, I like monologues. At least I always get the jokes.

So, did you resolve to make a resolution? Did you go party till you went potty? Have you lost that 2.5 kilos you put on during the holidays? Ah huh, uh huh, mmmm hmmm, yup, I totally agree with you, absolutely.


I never knew how to make empty conversation. I would think I’m not much fun to talk to. I run out of material halfway, lose momentum, and end the conversation with sigh disguised with a polite smile. Then only later I’d recap the situation and go over the things I could have and should have said. Too late.

Talking’s not my best trait. Maybe that’s why I like the dance floor… with my good friends of course. Johnny Walker and Jim Bean. Nah I’m kidding. They aren’t my friends. I’m much closer to Chivas nowadays.



Too late.



  1. silence speaks louder than words 😀

  2. whens thaipusam?

  3. 31st Jan lah… you call yourself an employee? You don’t even know your holidays!

  4. I know when thaipusam is!! It’s the day our hindu friends celebarate thaipusam.

  5. Kurt: Damn you’re good

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