Strangely Normal

March 15, 2007

Ever felt lost and disoriented, and yet so connected and focused at the same time?

Ever fixed so much, and yet find so much more broken?

Ever felt so motivated, and yet find yourself slouched and fatigued?

I can understand so much, and but I am still so confused. Life is not all fun and games; it’s sometimes fun, and always a game. Except I lost the rulebook somewhere.

I want my towel, and I want to stick my thumb up, and I want to go for an intergalactic ride.



  1. A study in contradictions…or maybe it’s just your hormones-lah babe! :p

    (and yeah wouldn’t it be sanity-saving to hitch a ride once in a while 🙂

  2. Hormones. Great. Just what I needed.

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