Road Trips

April 6, 2007

I love going on road trips. Sometimes. Especially when I don’t have to drive. It’s interesting to see the landscape roll by, giving glimpse of the lives of the locals. It reminds me of life itself, you know, the cliché about life being a journey yada yada yada. The further I go, the more I see, the further my horizons are, the more times my car has to be refueled…

I guess the part that always seems to surprise me most is how much I learn about myself. If the car represented my mind and body, I would notice how much horsepower I lacked, how comfortable my seats were, what other colours I could paint it, how soft the suspension was. (hmmmm I need to get MTV to pimp my ride), etc etc. I’d notice how well the car was, and yet how much more pimping it needed. During a pit stop, I’d fix a couple of things. And yet when I get back on the road, I notice more.

If you think that I lost the plot somewhere in the paragraph above, you could be right. But at least I learned I need a road map to get what I wanted, instead of a general direction. I just noticed this stock model doesn’t come with a GPS system that magically tells you which roads to use.



  1. Haiyoh, all the metaphors, so you like actual road trips or not?! :p

  2. You mean it’s not clear enough?!

  3. petrol price….

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