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Need to get my shit together

July 24, 2007

Inside-out approach

Private victory, then public victory

Manage yourself before you manage others

Practice what your preach

GAH. I’m such a pain in my own ass.


Meme? Me?

July 16, 2007

Someone meme-ed me. Meh…

I don’t do pics, so here’s 8 random things about moi:

1. I don’t give two shits about football. Unless it’s during the World Cup. You have to give at least one shit about World Cup.

2. I don’t know shit about cars. Except when how much I have to pay for them, when to service them, and when to wash, vacuum and polish them.

3. I love video games. I really do. But I don’t play them as often as I want to.

4. I love daydreaming. I wish they’d come true (things I daydream about can never come true unless I can break natural laws such as gravity, nuclear physics, and women’s reactions to sales).

5. I mutate easily under the sun. I usually mutate into a 2-legged lobster with hair. Then when I mutate back, I don’t tan.

6. I love art but don’t practice it enough.

7. I love sport but don’t practice it enough.

8. I am an introvert nurtured into an extroverted. The drinking part was natural.

Mmmmmmmmememe meh. I’m not gonna tag anyone.

Cause I shy.


Survived another one

July 10, 2007

Cocorinha and something else I can’t pronounce. My lower back in continuously reminding me how heavy and out-of-shape my body is.

I can’t wait for tomorrow.




July 6, 2007

I’m having Transformers orgasms now, complete with *chitchukichichuchi* transforming sounds.

Oh so good, so good.


First Ginga in 7 Years

July 5, 2007

Basic moves: Ginga (of course), Meia-lua, Negativa lateral, Au

Variants of push-ups: 2 types x 1 rep of 20

Variants of sit-ups: 1 type x 3 reps of 20

Desperate pleas for rest: 6 times

Blisters: 1

Aches in body: …..i keep discovering new ones

I am SO going to suffer tomorrow