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April 12, 2008

I’m watching House on Astro, and I find it ridiculous. No, this episode of House is fine, it’s the censorship that is ridiculous. House and his team are discussing a case where the patient’s brain shorts out and causes him to experience orgasms when he feels extreme pain (sounds masochistic, I know). The ridiculous part is that the words Ejaculation and Orgasm are censored.

Now I can understand if swear words uttered randomly were censored (not that I always agree with that either) but Ejaculation and Orgasm used in a medical discussion?! Come on! What else are they going to cut off? Soon enough we’re going to have TV where only we can only hear conjunctions.



I look up and see…

August 21, 2007

5 times the headcount

6 times the complexity

7 times the depth

8 times the focus

9 times the details

10 times the expectations

I did not inadvertently do it, I deliberately accepted it.

I’ve worked out the plans to handover.

I’m starting to speak about it to my closest team mates.

What have I done, oh what have I done…?

It looks like a mountain of hard work and complexity, and I hardly the best of climbers. But I’ve signed up for it.

Better start with the first step, climbing over the mountain called ME.


Meme? Me?

July 16, 2007

Someone meme-ed me. Meh…

I don’t do pics, so here’s 8 random things about moi:

1. I don’t give two shits about football. Unless it’s during the World Cup. You have to give at least one shit about World Cup.

2. I don’t know shit about cars. Except when how much I have to pay for them, when to service them, and when to wash, vacuum and polish them.

3. I love video games. I really do. But I don’t play them as often as I want to.

4. I love daydreaming. I wish they’d come true (things I daydream about can never come true unless I can break natural laws such as gravity, nuclear physics, and women’s reactions to sales).

5. I mutate easily under the sun. I usually mutate into a 2-legged lobster with hair. Then when I mutate back, I don’t tan.

6. I love art but don’t practice it enough.

7. I love sport but don’t practice it enough.

8. I am an introvert nurtured into an extroverted. The drinking part was natural.

Mmmmmmmmememe meh. I’m not gonna tag anyone.

Cause I shy.


Road Trips

April 6, 2007

I love going on road trips. Sometimes. Especially when I don’t have to drive. It’s interesting to see the landscape roll by, giving glimpse of the lives of the locals. It reminds me of life itself, you know, the cliché about life being a journey yada yada yada. The further I go, the more I see, the further my horizons are, the more times my car has to be refueled…

I guess the part that always seems to surprise me most is how much I learn about myself. If the car represented my mind and body, I would notice how much horsepower I lacked, how comfortable my seats were, what other colours I could paint it, how soft the suspension was. (hmmmm I need to get MTV to pimp my ride), etc etc. I’d notice how well the car was, and yet how much more pimping it needed. During a pit stop, I’d fix a couple of things. And yet when I get back on the road, I notice more.

If you think that I lost the plot somewhere in the paragraph above, you could be right. But at least I learned I need a road map to get what I wanted, instead of a general direction. I just noticed this stock model doesn’t come with a GPS system that magically tells you which roads to use.


Too late

January 16, 2007

It’s too late to wish you all Merry Christmas.

It’s too late to wish you all Happy New Year.

At least I can still wish you all a Selamat Hari Thaipusam.

So how are ya? Did you have fun watching me not updating my blog? Oh wait, I remembered, no one reads this anymore. But that’s fine, I like monologues. At least I always get the jokes.

So, did you resolve to make a resolution? Did you go party till you went potty? Have you lost that 2.5 kilos you put on during the holidays? Ah huh, uh huh, mmmm hmmm, yup, I totally agree with you, absolutely.


I never knew how to make empty conversation. I would think I’m not much fun to talk to. I run out of material halfway, lose momentum, and end the conversation with sigh disguised with a polite smile. Then only later I’d recap the situation and go over the things I could have and should have said. Too late.

Talking’s not my best trait. Maybe that’s why I like the dance floor… with my good friends of course. Johnny Walker and Jim Bean. Nah I’m kidding. They aren’t my friends. I’m much closer to Chivas nowadays.



Too late.


Stuck indoors

September 30, 2006

You know that it’s not worth staying when you feel appreciated only when you have one foot out of the door.

If you delude yourself into thinking that material rewards are the only measurement of appreciation, then that feeling of incompleteness and dissatisfaction will not go away. You can suppress it, but it resides in that little corner of your subconsciousness, like a moldy pillow in somewhere in the room; once in a while you catch a whiff of it, and wonder what that smell is.

But if you build up enough courage to walk out of that room, to breathe the air and see the views on the other side, you’ll wonder why you even sat in that room for such a long time.

Yes, there’s no guarantee that the air will be fresher, or the views will be better, but you would have seen more than those four walls and the inside of that door. That itself, is already worth the effort.


…inexorably towards chaos…

September 24, 2006

The more I learn, the more I feel like feel like an idiot. The more I experience, the more of a fool I appear to be. It corrodes that shell of self-confidence, faster than I can reinforce it. Menghakis… I just love that word.

Yet, the more I learn, the more I feel like learning. The more I experience, the more I want to seek out new experiences. It builds this urge to keep trudging forward, an urge so big I can’t resist. Dorongan… such a weird word.

By some warped reasoning, I’m heading towards total idiocy and foolishness. But that’s life, innit?